Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Great Carrot Catastrophe

A few nights ago I was feeding Kairi a jar of carrot baby food. Typically I will follow the spoon with a wipey or a wet wash cloth and clean her up every couple of bites, but this really upsets her. This night I knew that I was going to give her a bath immediately after feeding her, so I just let her get as messy as she wanted. It was kind of fun, really.

Her bathwater turned bright orange and had to be drained and refilled before she came completely clean. And Gracie thought it was hysterical as well. I'm disappointed that I didn't get any pictures of her reaction.


Anonymous said...

oh!just precious!

what a cutie!

Anonymous said...

First off, let me tell you that your little girl is absolutely adorable! However, the OCD woman in me is freaking out. LOL My daughter hates having her face wiped as well, but I can't help it. I've got issues right? LOL Love these pics!

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