Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bronchitis? RSV? Who knows!

Kairi is sick again. She caught Gracie's cold a couple days ago but this morning she woke me up with her raspy, wheezy breathing. It sounded like a dragon growling.

I called the doctor and got her an appointment at 11:10. We went in and the doctor had her checked for RSV, had her blood drawn, and did a chest X-Ray. He thought she had bronchitis, but her chest X-Ray was clear. She's negative for RSV, but her white blood count is really low and he said that's typically indicative of a viral infection like RSV. He's put her on Azithromycin, Veripred 20, and Xopenex breathing treatments. We have a follow up appointment in a week and if she hasn't shown decent enough improvement by then we will have to admit her to the hospital.

Already she hates the nebulizer. We haven't even made it through a complete breathing treatment without a full and complete breakdown. We're trying to get as much in her as we can before she has a meltdown and thus far we're making it about 3/4 through a treatment. Hopefully we will see some improvement there soon.

Anyway, please keep us in your thoughts. I doubt we will have to go to the hospital but even so it IS still a possibility that I don't want to happen. I will keep everyone updated as things progress.

This video is from this morning...

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Anonymous said...

i am so sorry!!

poor sweet baby!

get well soon


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