Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ask and You Shall Receive

I've been a little depressed lately. Since it's started getting cooler, I have noticed that the jeans that we have for Gracie are getting smaller. Rather, she's getting too big for them. What this means is that I need to get to the store and buy her new jeans for this fall and winter. With money that I don't have. I almost cried today when I sent Gracie to school in almost-high-water-jeans.

When I was a kid - specifically when I was in 5th, 6th, and some of 7th grade - we had a hard time getting jeans of proper fit for me. Because of this, my nickname became high water. I swore that I would never never, ever ever let my children go through the same ordeal.

Just as I was about to start feeling really sorry for myself (and for Gracie) a good friend showed up. I had been expecting her this morning, but what I was not expecting (especially since I haven't breathed a word of this to anyone) was for her to show up with a box filled with 9 pairs of jeans, 2 outfits, and a couple new pairs of boots. And it's all really nice stuff too - a few pairs of Gap jeans, some Calvin Kleins, and a few other really decent brands.

Anyway - I am excited and thankful for such a wonderful friend. I sometimes take what I've got for granted, but today I am taking a gratitude inventory. What are you thankful for today?


angelarenai said...

Human beings can be so wonderul.

Haley said...

thanks for your comment.. i actually didn't know you admired my faith, i feel weird about facebook in that it lumps all my friends together- old high school buddies along with hardcore Jesus freak types- and the conversation I am used to can seem strange and hyper-religious to some of my friends. So I always think, man o man, I'm sure all my old friends are rolling their eyes at THIS one.. oh well. so thanks for your support and friendship. :)
I read down a few posts and YOU GO, GIRLFRIEND. That rant about breastfeeding was FUCKING TERRIFIC. I was just harrassed twice at church last sunday for breastfeeding on the front row- under a big blanket, where you couldn't tell if Isaiah was sleeping or feeding- because of the tv cameras (they record the service and play it on the internet) and because, according to one usher, "it might disturb the worship team". They also called it "awkward" and "inappropriate". WTF, right? Well I let them know it was illegal for them to ask me to move, and they backed off.. but I was pretty livid. I'm going to take it up with whoever their boss is this week, as last week was a 10 year anniversary thing and I am waiting until they have time to give the matter some attention. But man... I have been treated badly plenty of times for breastfeeding in public and never been able to word it the way you did- I hate the way our culture is offended by, and has over-sexualized, women's breasts- which are, indeed, God's chosen baby-feeders. I have been irritated tons of times that I live in such a backwards culture that I cannot comfortably nurse because I have to dig through layers of fabric and unsnap or push aside a bra just to get the baby to the milk. It's just cultural craziness. I'm glad you set someout out there straight.

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