Monday, September 21, 2009

Crochet Madness!

I keep seeing these really cute baby beanies online. I see pictures of friends' babies wearing them too. They're the ones that have the big cute crochet flowers on them. So I went on a mission to find one for cheap. The cheapest I can find of the style that I want is $22. Rather than giving in and paying that kind of price for an item that Kairi will likely only be able to wear for one season (especially when I want more than one!) I decided to learn to crochet. I went to my local arts and crafts store and bought a beginners kit for crochet. It came with 4 hooks of varying size as well as an afghan hook, a book explaining a few different stitches and including a few patterns, and a bunch of other stuff that I'm not really sure of the use. I also bought a few different things of yarn. (There is a specific word for this but I forget what it is and it's late and I don't want to look it up. LOL.) Then I came home and watched 3 YouTube videos on how to crochet "granny squares." Once I had the technique down I quit for the night and went to bed.

Yesterday morning I began a blanket for Kairi. As it stands now it is about 1/4 done and on hold. A good friend of mine is pregnant. Her due date was yesterday and she is scheduled to induce on the 23rd. So I am making her daughter a baby blanket. It is purple and soft and cozy. I can't wait to finish it.

Another thing that I have worked on, the only thing I have finished thus far, is a hat. It's not the kind of hat I originally started this for, but it is darn cute and just that in and of itself is worth the money I spent on all of this stuff. And I must say that Kairi looks super cute in it.

I will post pictures of the blankets once they are finished. Until then, enjoy these pictures of Kairi in her new little beanie.

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can't wait!!

cutie pie!! sweet sweet photos!

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