Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ho Hum...

I'm a little disappointed in myself today. I promised you guys something that I can't fulfill just yet, as it turns out.

I'm so sorry.

The post, my story, that I have been working on and had finished writing out a couple of days ago is being held off for just a little longer. I spoke with my mother about the post, and since some of it has to do with her, she has asked that I email it to her for her to read and get back to me on. I am currently awaiting her response. As well, I have found a few parts of the story that I feel the need to edit... It just needs a little more tweaking before it's ready for you all. I'm sorry for the delay.

I will not be giving myself a deadline on this. As you can probably see, deadlines and I do not mix. What I will promise you is this: I will continue working on it until I feel it's ready for unveiling. Once the time comes, I will post it. But not until then. I hope it is soon.

In the meantime, let's just hang out. Cool?

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