Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gracie Turns 6

Gracie had a great birthday this year. I took her to school and immediately made my way to Wal-Mart to pick up some cookies and juice to take to her class, then I returned around 9:50 to share. The kids were all so excited and Gracie got to sit in a chair in the middle of her classroom while her friends sang the birthday song to her (and she sang it to herself).

I then went back home and wrapped all of her gifts. We had just gotten our state tax check in the mail a day prior, so I managed to buy her some additional gifts, as well as a couple for Kairi to open.

After getting her gifts wrapped, I made my way back to the school to pick her up and take her to lunch. She wanted McDonald's, so she, Kairi, and I went and had chicken nuggets before returning Gracie back to school.

I spent the rest of my afternoon cleaning the house, getting it ready for my Mom's arrival. Gracie and her Mimi are super close, so Mom tries to make it to all of Gracie's big events. After Gracie got out of school, she and I headed to Wal-Mart to pick up her cake, and I surprised her by stopping at the salon inside Wal-Mart to get her hair trimmed and curled. She loved it.

Later, after Mom arrived, it was time for Gracie's party to start. We had her party in the Burger King play room this year, and it couldn't have gone better. We had a blast. Several of our friends showed up, lots of kids, and Gracie made out like a bandit.

As the night wore on, she got to open her presents, and we saved the best for last:

Over all, it was a really good night full of fun and friends.