Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New 'Do

I try not to focus too much on vanity. As a mom, I have very little time for it, plus although I guess it's supposed to highlight the attractive features of a person, it kind of just makes me cringe.
However, it has been two years since I've had my hair done. And even then, I just got my split ends chopped off in a "get it done quick to get it out of my way" hair cut. Because let's face it, learning how to breastfeed can be really hard when your hair is always falling in your daughter's face or over your boobs before she has the chance to latch on.

So when my mother asked me in November what I wanted from her for Christmas, I told her I wanted to get my hair done.
I went last week and finally got it taken care of. I had her cut me some layers in hopes that my hair won't tangle as badly as it has been this past year, and I got highlights. 
Anyway - sorry for the short posts lately. I am trying to figure out how to focus on school as well as balance everything else in and the blog has fallen a bit to the wayside. I'm starting to get it down though, I think, so hopefully more posts - with some length - to come.

Until then, be safe and have fun. And to you moms out there, take an afternoon and do something for yourself. Just getting my hair done has made me feel loads lighter.