Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Giving the Masses What They Want: Kawaii Diaper Feedback

A few months ago, I began using a tracker on my blog. It allows me to gather information from you guys - where you're viewing my blog from (generally speaking, of course), how many of you are looking at what, which posts are most popular, etc. By far, my most popular post is my review of Kawaii cloth diapers that I wrote back in March. Believe it or not, this post is seriously popular - more than twice as popular as the second most popular post (which was the alternative breast cancer awareness Facebook game info).

Because of that, I thought I would come back to the topic and expand on my original review of Kawaii diapers, as well as ask for any questions or comments you might have about them.

When I first bought my Kawaiis, I was still fairly new to cloth diapering. The only cloth diapers I had prior to them were gently used, so this was my first purchase of new diapers. I am still very much in love with these diapers though. They have stood up against some pretty tough competitors and are still among the very first diapers I reach for when the laundry is done.

The lining, which was incredibly soft and fleecy when I first bought them is not so soft anymore - but like all fleece, it's bound to wear a little in the wash. It still works wonderfully as far as wicking away moisture and keeping Kairi's bottom dry and comfortable. It washes well and while I've had some issues with staining, the stains generally come out within a few uses and washes.

I spoke in my previous review of the absorbency of the inserts:

The diapers came with two inserts each, which I am very happy about. I had read in various review forums that the inserts weren't very absorbent, and it's true. There is no way I would be able to use these diapers with just one of the inserts given, and Kairi isn't a heavy wetter. The inserts are really thin, about half the thickness of the microfiber inserts I have for my other diapers. But doubled up, they work alright. Not GREAT, but alright. I haven't had TOO many leaks. I do intend on buying some different inserts though and just using these as back ups.

I never got around to ordering different inserts and have mostly just stuck to using both inserts at all times. In comparison to other cloth diapers, the absorbency this way is pretty decent. I'm able to leave Kairi in a diaper overnight without leaks - which seems to be one of the biggest challenges when it comes to cloth diapering.

The fit on these diapers is still phenomenal as well. Kairi has definitely gotten bigger since I first bought them and they look like they will last us until she is potty trained.

I've really enjoyed using the Kawaiis and I think I will probably continue enjoying them for many more months to come. I certainly suggest them to anyone who is considering cloth diapering. They are the least expensive diapers I have seen on the market and their quality is great. And as I said before, when the laundry is finished, they are among the first in my stash that I reach for. (My other favorites? Flip covers with Flip Organic Inserts. ...AMAZING. But I'll leave that review for a different post.)

Disclosure: I have not been contacted by anyone to write this post. I am not receiving any sort of benefit from writing this review, nor do I anticipate any sort of payment. This is all just my personal opinion. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

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