Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fluff Review: Kawaii Cloth Diapers

Disclosure: I have NOT been asked in any way to review this product. The makers of this product do not know that I am writing this review, come to think of it. I am simply sharing my thoughts on a product I have recently bought for myself. (Well, for my child. You know what I mean.)

In other words, this is not a paid review and I did not receive any products in exchange for this review.

In December, a friend of mine told me about this website, LuvYourBaby Products, that sells really inexpensive cloth diapers called Kawaiis. They sell several types of cloth diapers, but the ones she recommended to me from her personal experience were the square tabbed snap closure diapers.

I did my research on them and they really did seem to be the best diapers for me. I like the square tabbed design in cloth diapers rather than the rounded because it seems like they fit better. I prefer snap to velcro mostly because I have an older baby who enjoys running around in the nude as often as possible.

I decided that I would order some of these diapers in January - but when I went to order them, their site said that they were out of stock until February. So I waited and checked back periodically throughout the month of February. They had added new snap diapers, but they were round tabbed and the pocket was in the front instead of the back, which is something I have heard to veer away from.

Finally they came into stock earlier this month. I ordered 10 of them and paid about $75 altogether, shipping included. A week later I received the diapers I had been so anticipating.

First of all, I loved the fact that they were only in need of one wash prior to use. I've heard that most new diapers (I've only ever bought "gently used") need to be washed a lot before they can be used.

Another thing that is great is that they are SO SOFT. The lining is really fleecey. I seriously wanted to cover myself in them when they came out of the dryer. I told my husband that they felt like heaven. He rolled his eyes. He just doesn't get it.

The diapers came with two inserts each, which I am very happy about. I had read in various review forums that the inserts weren't very absorbent, and it's true. There is no way I would be able to use these diapers with just one of the inserts given, and Kairi isn't a heavy wetter. The inserts are really thin, about half the thickness of the microfiber inserts I have for my other diapers. But doubled up, they work alright. Not GREAT, but alright. I haven't had TOO many leaks. I do intend on buying some different inserts though and just using these as back ups.

Overall, I am very pleased with these diapers. My only complaints are the inserts (which, as I said before, are certainly alright, just could stand to be a bit thicker) and that the site was out of stock for so long. I definitely recommend them, especially considering the price. They run about $7 apiece. Even after I buy more inserts (I plan on buying FuzziBunz Microfiber Inserts from Little Squigglers for $4.25 a piece) they will still be only $11.25 per diaper. Compare that to the price of other cloth diapers, which I've seen run as low as $17 and as high as $25, and you've got yourself a great deal.

So whether you are new to cloth diapering or just looking to expand your stash, I suggest you go check out Kawaiis. You won't be sorry!

UPDATE: I have written an updated review of these diapers after 9 months of use. If you are interested in more information about how the diapers have stood up to the test of time, please feel free to visit the new post here.

Also of similar interest is my post on why my family chooses to cloth diaper. If you are not already cloth diapering and are considering it, or if you are just curious about the reasons someone might choose to use cloth diapers, please feel free to check out that post here.


Anonymous said...

When I read articles like this I'm more encouraged that things like cloth diapers are NOT
1)so outdated that people my age w/kids don't use them
2)so hard to buy that I'd have to make them or hunt the ends of the earth for them


Anonymous said...

I love the Kawaii diapers as well. I just made my second purchase with them and I'm sure I'll be back for even more! I wonder if they have changed their inserts because I've found the opposite to be true - the inserts they sent me the first time were VERY thick and I couldn't imagine using them both. I've never had a leak and I've only ever used one at a time.

Anonymous said...

Hi I follow you on Twitter @mamachickx4 and its so funny I came across ur blog cause I'm about to order some of these for Muffin. She turned 1 this month and I wanted to use cloth to roll into potty training...pullups are expensive. I appreciate this review and your realness. Its helps me make a decision of whic dipes to buy. I will get some extra inserts as we'll.

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