Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hey guys. I know I promised you first of all, a new post every day this month. I realize I also promised you the beginning of a series on adoption starting Monday. Neither of those are here, are they? I'm sorry. Truth be told, I am just tired. This time change is kicking my ass and handing it back to me in a nice little package labeled "Erin's broken ass." It may have bells and ribbons on it, but it ain't pretty, folks.

My series on adoption is on hold at the moment. Only one person who offered to send submissions for it has thus far and I still need to interview my mom for my part of the series. I suppose I jumped the gun on announcing it. Part of my problem is that once I throw a deadline out, you might as well call the project dead. I am HORRIBLE about working on a deadline. I am thinking of cutting it to a 2-3 post series, rather than a full week's worth of posts. I'm still trying to decide how I want to end it. Once I figure that out, I will post it. Hopefully sooner than later.

I had an interesting weekend - which is more than I can say for most weekends. On Friday my mother stopped through town and picked up Gracie. They went out of town to visit Mom's boyfriend, Terry. Gracie calls him Pops. It's cute. After Jason left work work I was left here with Kairi.... No car, no cable, no one over the age of 7 months to communicate with. It took about 2 hours for the mind-numbing boredom to kick in. I reached out on Twitter and Facebook, informing whoever would read my plea of my dire situation. I got a response from an old friend named Christine, someone I hadn't seen in almost 10 years. "Wanna come over?" she said. I jumped at the chance to get out of the house and loaded the baby up. She came and got us and we hung out at her house until about 1am. I really enjoyed catching up and reminiscing.

Saturday night, my friend Sandra was having her birthday party. Originally it was supposed to be at a bar that is a few blocks away from my house. I made arrangements to where I could go for about an hour or so, but I didn't want to stay long because Jason was off work, and is NEVER off work on a Saturday night and we don't have plans. I found out that she had switched locations though, and there wasn't any way I was going to be able to go. So I took her out to lunch instead. We went to this little Mexican restaurant that another friend recently had taken me to. It was delicious. Later that afternoon, Christine invited Jason and I over so that Jason could meet her boyfriend and maybe they could become buddies. Again, we stayed fairly late and we had a really good time.

On Sunday, Gracie came home. I was so excited to see her. I really missed her while she was gone. We spent the evening just lounging around the house.

Since the time change, Kairi has been getting up early. All weekend, we woke up at 8. On the weekdays, typically I will get up around 7 to get Gracie ready for school, and when I get back at around 8 I get back in bed and catch another couple hours of sleep. Kairi has not allowed that at all. Both yesterday and today she has woken up with the alarm. Fantastic. She won't let me nap either. I think she's going on a napping boycott. She's become the queen of the 10 minute nap - if she takes one at all. It's becoming depressing. So I've basically been running on 5 hours (if I'm lucky) of intermittent sleep with very little napping going on. It's not fun.

I am hoping that I can start going to bed earlier than usual and perhaps I can catch up on some of that sleep I've been missing that way. In the meantime, until I can write with a fully rested head, I will be working at whatever pace my grogginess will allow on my adoption posts. We'll see how that goes!


Anonymous said...

its ok...do it as when you find fit...

have you seen yayastuff dot net

she is trying to adopt with not great results..

mepsipax said...

Adoption is a great thing. My gf was adopted.

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