Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Post Where I Ask Advice

Hi guys. I am in need of some advice from some more experienced bloggers. Well, that might not even be true. I need advice from more experienced BlogHers. I really really really want to go to the BlogHer conference this year in New York City and I am in the process of trying to convince Jason to let me go. Currently, the cost of it is really all that is standing in my way. I am looking at needing, all in all, around $1000 - that would cover flight, rooms (assuming 1: I have a roommate, and 2: that I am staying Thursday night as well - but more on that later.) , the cost of registration, with about $200 spending money.

Edit: This just in: Another thing standing in my way is that Jason says, "If you're going to New York, I'm going to New York too. Don't think you're leaving me behind for THAT kind of a trip." So I asked him if he wants to go to New York. His response? "Hell no! I hate New York." ....Great.

Okay - so, assuming I can convince Jason to let me go, I have some questions.

  1. The conference is Friday, August 6th - Saturday, August 7th. Should I fly in and arrive on Friday, or do I want to get there a day early? Is there any benefit to arriving a day early? Do I really need to get settled that much?
  2. How many of you bring your husbands/significant others? If you bring them, do you
    a) bring your kids too? - or - b) get your husband registered and attend the actual conference with him in tow?
  3. Also related to 2, if you bring your spouse and not the kids and he is not registered for the event, is there a group of spouses to hang with, or does everyone just kind of do their own thing in the city/stay in their room? If I bring Jason and he doesn't register or have the kids I'm really worried that he'll just sit, fuming in the room.
I have so many more questions than that, but that's all I can think of offhand. Aside from that, if you have any other tips or suggestions, please share them with me. I'm also pummeling my Twitter friends with these questions, so feel free to approach me there. I'm @babybeatnik.