Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hey - You're the One Who Called Me, Remember?

I hate getting sales calls and I know I'm not alone in that hate. Most of the people I talk to about them tell me that they either don't answer or they hang up. Some stick around on the line to mess with them.

One friend says, "When I get calls from unknown numbers, I answer and either act weird as hell or rude as f*ck. They never call back, so it seems to work!"

"When I lived at home and they would call for my mom, we would have so much fun with them. If they would say, 'Is your mother there?' I would pretend to cry and be like, 'No... Have you seen her? She went to the bar and hasn't been home for days. She loves the whiskey.' My mom would be in the background just laughing to death!" another friend tells me.

Personally, I answer the calls and tell them I want to be on their company's Do Not Call list. Sure, it would be hilarious to mess with them, but it really doesn't get the job done.

We just got a home phone. On Saturday it was turned on. The first call we got was from a place called GE Money asking for Jason Main*. I was confused at first when the caller asked for him because I didn't understand the last name. He had to repeat it a couple times, then spell it out for me to understand what he was saying. I explained to him that there is a Jason living here, but his last name is not Main. He apologized and hung up. The next day I got a call from the same company but a different representative. I explained the same to him as well and asked to be put on the Do Not Call list.

Today I got a call from an unknown number. I answered the phone and a woman responded, "Hi. Let me talk to Jason."

"I'm sorry - Jason who?" I asked. My husband has a bit of a temper and once he flies off the handle, as he would if he had to talk to a sales rep/bill collector for no reason, he'd be in a bad mood all day.

The woman seemed miffed. "Ma'am, is there a Jason at your residence?" she asked.

"Maybe," I responded, "but Jason WHO?"

"There is obviously a Jason there, so you just need to put him on the line and let this one go," she told me.

"Look, I'm not going to put him on until you give me a last name," I started to explain why, but she interrupted me.

"Whatever. I'll just call back in the morning when YOU AIN'T THERE." *click*

The line went dead. She had not only been extremely rude to me, but she also hung up on me.

I'm sorry.... but you were the one calling me, weren't you? I mean, technically not, but this phone line is in my name, so yeah. You're calling me.

I wonder what makes her think I won't be here in the morning. I'm a stay at home mom. Of course I'm going to be here. And of course I'm going to be the one answering the phone.

How would you respond to this? What do you suggest I do in the morning when/if she calls back?

*Last name changed for privacy

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Carrie said...

I would be very firm, explain that she is not acting in a professional manner and would she please give you her supervisor. Oh and ask her for her name first. IF she gives it, make sure you use it ALL THE TIME.

For example:

"Excuse me, Judy. But I would like to have the name of your supervisor."
"Judy, this is how this call is going to go..."
"I'm sure you are usually a very nice person Judy, but Iwould appreciate you..."

Etc etc. My husband ROCKS at freakingout customer service people on the phone and he always stays SUPER calm and uses their name if he knows it. Really unnerves them

Good luck and give her hell :)

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