Friday, January 22, 2010

The Original Blue Face

When Gracie was 3, we were getting ready to go to my Gramma's house for a visit. I got her dressed and left her playing for a minute so I could get myself dressed as well. I don't take long to get ready, literally just enough time to slip into a change of clothes and I'm done. So when I returned to find my child COVERED in blue marker, I was a little pissed. Okay - I was a LOT pissed.

"Gurraaaacieeeeeeee...." I started, in that disappointed voice only parents can truly master. Immediately she started tearing up - and as the tears streamed down her face, so did the blue ink, and I realized I was probably overreacting. I calmed down, calmed her down, and after cleaning her as quickly as I could with some wipies, I realized I should have probably taken some pictures. Fortunately for the situation, photographically speaking, the blue ink didn't want to wipe completely off with baby wipes, so there was some left to take pictures of.

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Sarah @ OneStarryNight said...

omgosh that is just classic! I still remember DS1 at that age... drew all over the white walls in black PERMANENT marker.

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