Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Mystery of the Blue Face

Two days ago, we had a vet come to our home to do a check up on our cats. That being said, it's pretty obvious that my house was clean. And not just good enough-for-close-friends-that-stop-by-at-random clean, but there's-a-stranger-coming-into-our-home-so-let's-break-out-the-white-glove clean.

So you can imagine my surprise when yesterday I found Kairi, who had not left the living room and had not been left unattended, crawled up to me looking like this:

I searched the area where she was playing and found nothing but a couple drops of what looked like blue ink. After snapping a few shots, I threw her in the tub where the ink rinsed right off with no problem.

Jason and I have concluded that whatever it was that she was playing with must have been ingested. I've been waiting patiently for bouts of blue poo but have yet to see any.

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ShellSpann said...

LOL what a cutie!!

Babies get into EVERYTHING!! :)

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