Friday, January 8, 2010

About Time to Make My Resolutions, I Guess

Man. This new year has been flying by! I rang it in with a group of people who invited themselves to my home at the last minute and decided to stay until 4 am. Don't get me wrong, they're nice people, but when you've been planning on doing Jack-Diddly for an evening (New Year's or not) and those plans get jolted, it's not the easiest thing to deal with. I made the best of it, but I still wasn't particularly happy.

Gracie started school again last Monday. And Kairi had her 9 month well-check. Everything checked out fine, but I made mention of the cough she's had for the past 2 weeks. It's not been a huge problem, but the length of it has worried me. The doctor was reluctant to do anything since I had said it seems like it's getting better, but she decided that she'd rather be safe than sorry and get a chest X-Ray. Boy am I glad she did! Kairi has pneumonia! Now, don't panic. It's just started, we caught it early, and we're just having to give her medicine for 10 days. She still acts normal, just coughs every now and again.

I've also been dealing with some personal drama lately - but it's not really my personal drama and therefore not mine to talk about. It's been interesting though, to say the least.

So, I've been busy this year so far. And here it is, we're 8 days into it, and I haven't made any resolutions. Really, I'm not big on resolutions. Not for New Year's at least. I think that if you're gonna do something, you should just do it - just make the goal and go for it. But I realize that I don't have many specific goals lined out for myself at present, so I'm going to go ahead and bend and make some resolutions of my own:

First of all, I am in desperate need of patience when it comes to my family, especially Gracie. Gracie is at an age where she is capable of doing a lot of things, but often times needs help where I wouldn't expect it. There have been many occasions when I will ask her to get something from the other room (for example, a box of baby wipes) and she will go to the room and immediately exclaim that she can't see them. So I tell her where I left them (on the dresser) and she still can't see them. So, I get up, and - for this example - carry my diaperless, poop covered baby at arms length praying not to get covered myself to the room where the wipes are and immediately can see them in plain view. Now, the thing about this situation, and lots of situations that cause frustration, is that I should not have had to rely on Gracie to get me the wipes in the first place. She is not Momma Jr. and she is incredibly helpful a lot of the time anyway. She loves playing with her sister and helping out, but I should not be relying on that help from her. So, in that as well, I need to become more self-reliant when it comes to Kairi.

Also, I need to get my butt back in school. I've been throwing around an idea for the past couple of days about changing my studies from psychology to nursing. No, I don't want to be a nurse - I think (I'm pretty sure at least) that I want to be a midwife. There are several nursing programs that I can take locally to get me on the right path that I need to start looking into.

For now, those are my big goals. I've got lots of smaller goals like keeping the dishes done and the trash taken out on time, but I won't bore you with the details there.

Have you made any resolutions yet or are you running late like me? What would you like to improve this year?