Thursday, October 1, 2009


Recently I have been following Nestle's non-compliance with the International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes (The World Health Organization's code - "The WHO Code"). I get the majority of my information from Annie, at PhD In Parenting (her most recent post on the topic gives a pretty comprehensive look at it.)

Because of the way that Nestle so blatantly ignores the standards that are supposed to be met in as far as formula advertising, as well as a great number of other horribly morally deficient business decisions there is and has been a boycott on the company. According to Wikipedia, the boycott has been in effect since July 4, 1977 - with a 4 year suspension the years spanning 1984-1988, and it has been in effect since.

After doing a bit of research for myself, I have decided to take part in the boycott. I am no longer purchasing or consuming any products made by Nestle or affiliated with Nestle. I have to say that while I feel morally justified and righteous in this decision, my will is struggling. I am torn between my love for a great number of Nestle products and my ethics. But despite all of that, I am standing firm in my decision.

Tonight though, I discovered, much to my dismay, that my Precious, my rich chocolatey Ovaltine is a product of Nestle. I literally almost started crying. I felt like falling to my knees and screaming to the heavens. I feel as though I have found out the love of my life has had an affair. I feel... lost. To say the least. (Yes. I am completely serious. I freaking love my Ovaltine. Almost as much as I love my kids. Totally not exaggerating.)

But I must stay the course. Devastated or not. When Jason gets home from work I am going to make him flush the remaining powder left in the can in the cabinet. It is calling my name, much in the same way drugs call to an addict or that bottle of vodka hidden in the back of the cabinet calls to the alcoholic.

Can someone please, for the love of all that is good and holy, give me a GOOD substitute? I fear I might die without my chocolate milk.


JarethsMommy said...

Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk.. It's Liquid AMAZING!!!

Baby Beatnik said...

OMG - I KNOW, RIGHT?! I can't find any place locally that sells it though. :(

Anonymous said...

wow..i wish i knew..

peace and blessings to you..

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