Friday, July 10, 2009


Upon arrival back at home from our weekend get-away we found our friend Kevin asleep on our couch.

Kevin is an old friend of ours and lived with us in our first home together. We did not get along when we lived together though.

So. Apparently Kevin has gotten evicted from his apartment. Before we left he told us about it and asked if he could store his stuff in our garage until he finds his own place. When I went into the garage to do some laundry on Sunday it was like walking into the living room of Kevin's old apartment. Great.

Jason has told Kevin that he can stay with us even though he knows that this is NOT a decision I am happy with. At all. The house we live in is owned by my kind of crazy aunt; a person who, as I have only recently found out, is trying to find any reason to kick us out that she can find. She is not going to be happy about the decision to let Kevin stay here either and we may ALL end up homeless over it.

My husband doesn't seem to care. We have been fighting over this situation since we got home (I love negating all that relaxation we got over the weekend!) and only when I explained to him last night that I feel like he is choosing his degenerate, jobless friend over his family did he understand.

But understanding has not brought change and tonight I feel like I might just have to go a step further and explain to him that this situation - even just a week in - has made me so stressed out that I am considering saying "Fuck this relationship" and moving in with my mother! I doubt it will come to that, but I guess we'll see.

Stay tuned for updates.


Anonymous said...

i went through the same thing last year...

the loser friend stayed for more than 6 was horrible..



Baby Beatnik said...

Thanks - I am dealing right now... Trying not to pull my hair out. When there is something to update the story with, I will. :)

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