Sunday, July 19, 2009


So. Sorry for the lack of recent posts, folks. My life is boring.

Here's a basic rundown of recent events since my last post:

- I talked with Jason about the Kevin situation, lost my balls and did not move out, despite the fact that neither did he. I did however convince Jason that he HAS to tell him to get a job (which he did - tell him, that is. Kevin has not gotten a job yet.)As far as all of that is concerned, I am going to talk with Kevin myself tonight and explain to him that job or no job, money or no money, place to go or not, he needs to be out of this house by the time Gracie starts school. That gives him until the middle of August. I don't care if he needs to leave his stuff here for storage for a bit, that's fine. So long as he is out of my house I will be happy.

Now, I'm not saying that his stay here has been entirely negative. He has helped around the house and it's quite a bit cleaner. (Housework is not my forte.... At. All.) And Jason has had a ride to work every day, which has been great considering that we don't have a car (a situation that won't be fixed until tax time. UGH.) and it's been BLAZING hot around here lately. (It got up to 110 about a week ago.)

- Kairi is rolling quite a bit more now. She started rolling over at 4 weeks but only from her back to her stomach. Now she is starting to roll from her stomach to her back and is beginning to become mobile.

That is really all that is going on around here. So, I hope that you understand in my lack of posts. Perhaps I will find some inspiration to write about something else, perhaps an essay or something in the meantime.