Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Julia Nunes and Ben Kweller

So. I went to a concert last night. The first one in a long time. Thinking back, the last concert I went to was in '06 -- my ex-roommate Sara bought Jason and I tickets to see Tool as a wedding gift. What a cool present, right?

Anyway, one of my best friends, Sandra, her boyfriend, Richard, and I took off for Norman, Oklahoma yesterday to celebrate Sandra's birthday with Julia Nunes and Ben Kweller at the first show of their tour. It was a freaking blast.

I love, love, LOVE Julia Nunes. I found her on YouTube about 6 months ago or so and have been obsessed ever since. To be 100% honest, before I heard about this tour, I had no idea who Ben Kweller was. I'm pretty sure I had heard a song or two of his, but not enough to recognize the name.

The show was amazing. Julia was so funny and charming and she sounded awesome. I was incredibly impressed with Ben Kweller's set too. I checked out a few of his songs on YouTube beforehand, but not a lot and I was incredibly surprised by what I heard last night. I am definitely going to be buying some of his stuff.

Anyway - this whole thing was supposed to be a photoblog, as I'm not really great at reviewing concerts. So here are some pics! Enjoy!

Sandra and I

Me, Sandra and Richard

The venue was really cool - small, intimate, and one wall devoted to large photos of cats.

Julia Nunes!!

Isn't she adorable?

Ben was awesome!