Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Rules of Tipping

The following is not something I have written myself, but something I have seen in several places - mostly emails. As I cannot find an actual web site with these rules listed, I am posting them on my own blog as a supplement to another post.

Again - this is not my own work. If anyone knows who wrote them so that I can give the proper credit, please let me know. I have tried for the past hour to find a source and have not even come close.


The Rules of Tipping

If you have children, DO NOT let them open and dump anything on the table (ie: sugar, salt, etc.) IF YOU DO you must leave an extra $5 for the servere to clean up YOUR CHILD'S mess and restock the now unusable wasted items. We are neither their babysitter nor their parent. The leaset you can do is pay us for the extra work. Also make sure you control your kids and don't let them scream or run around the restaurant. It's very distracting and rude to others eating, not to mention dangerous if they get ran over by a server with hot food in their hands.

If you feel the necessity to stay for longer than 15 minutes after you pay, it is an extra $3 every 30 minutes. We make our money from the tables. If you are in one and we can't seat it, we don't make money. Not to mention, if you are our last table we have to wait for you to leave before we can leave.

Telling a sever they are the best server you've ever had is not a tip. If we are god, let us know by leaving us more money. We can't pay our bills on compliments. It's not that we don't appreciate the praise, it's just that if you say that and then leave a 10% tip it's an insult.

Prayer cards or other religous pamphlets are NOT tips. It is insulting that you assume we are without religion and you must save us. Again, like rule 3, we can't pay the bills with prayer cards. We'd go to church on Sundays if it wasn't mandatory to work them because EVERYONE who goes to church follows it by eating out.

It is not 1960. Cost of living has gone up dramatically since then. 18% is the MINIMUM amount of what you should be tipping your servers. look at the first number of your bill. If it is $30, double the 3 and you have your $6 tip. If the second number is higher than 5, however, you must add on a dollar. Remember, our companies pay us minimum wage which is $2.13. We are taxed on 15% of your mean automatically anyway. So if your meal is $100 and you leave $10 and we tip out $4-5 to the busser, bartender and whoever else, we then pay tax on $10 and we make $5. It seems small but it adds up. how many times do you eat out per week and do this?

if you get a discount because your food was prepared wrong or took too long cooking , do not take it out of our tip. We didn't cook it. The cooks get paid hourly regardless of if the food sucks. However, we only make what you give us.

If you happen to get anything for free and you did not have a problem with your dining experience, most of the time it is because the server thinks you'll realize that they are giving it to you for free. There should be an extra tip thanking the server for the free item. They could get in a lot of trouble for giving away free stuff. You should give them hazard pay for it.

If you come into the restuarant 10 minutes before closing or any time near closing, hurry up and order your food and get out. Closed means closed, not social hour. It is so rude to sit there and take your sweet time. We can't leave until you do because we have to do side work and clean the table you are sitting at. We don't want to stand there waiting for you for an extra hour just because you don't want to go home. We recommend 24 hour establishments such as Denny's if you wish to sit into the wee hours of the night.

If you only come in for coffee or a dessert, to do paper work, or have a meeting, don't sit there taking up our booth for hours. We are not Starbucks or a hotel restaurant. If you want to sit for hours, go there or else you better leave a good tip for us with a camping fee included.

When we come up to the table to greet you and we ask how you are doing, please let us know. We honestly want to know how you are doing. And ask us how we are doing as well. It's called manners. If you are in a bad mood we want to knw that from the beginning. A confused stare or complete silence does not suffice as a reply. Also most of us are REQUIRED to say certain things during the greeting, so please don't interrupt our greeting and say, "I want coffee," or "Can we get some bread," etc. Just sit tight for a minute and let us talk. You're not helping us out and saving us time by stopping our greet. You are just pissing us off.

Don't ever talk on your cell phone in a restaurant. This is probably the rudest thing you could do. If you must be on your cell, at least keep your voice down in respect of the other customers. If you are on your phone when we walk up to greet your table, we will walk away and not return until you get off your phone. Just show some respect and give us your attention for a couple of minutes.

when you're taken to a table, sit there. There's a reason you were taken to that table and it's because that server is next on the rotation. If you prefer a certain table, section, window seat, etc, specify that to the host/hostess BEFORE they walk you to your table. Don't wait until they get to the very back of the restaurant before you ask if you can sit by the window have a booth. The reason you weren't sat by the window or in a booth is most likely because the server by the window or with the booths just got sat and you will receive better service if you stay put. If you ask beforehand, the hostess has time to sit you accourdingly. They have time to find a table where you will be ahppy to sit and receive good service.

If you wave at me or try to talk to me while I am talking to another table or have a huge tray in my hand, I WILL ignore you. We have other people besides you to take care of and unless we are standing still or hanging out by a computer, we are doing something. It is rude to think we will stop what we are doing for one table just to come help you. Let me put this heavy tray down int he middle of the dining room to find you some more sauce. Do not grab me or wave or shake your glass. Don't call me ma'am or waiter or any other pet name you want to call me because you were on your cell phone or interupted my initial greet when I tell you my name.


One last time, I did not write this. I have some thoughts on these rules, and you can read them here.